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Special advice

For internationally operating companies and groups

Scope of services as described above under "Tax Advice Focus Areas" for companies plus:

  • Tax planning for international and crossborder activities 
  • Advice with respect to the Austrian group taxtion 
  • Support of domestic and internatonal M&A transactions
  • Performance of tax due diligence audits
  • Assessment of the usefulness of specific alternatives with respect to M&A transactions
  • Advice with respect to reorganization contracts and balance sheets
  • Support with respect to tax aspects in the purchasing contracts for the acquisition of a business
  • Advice with respect to corporate/group financing
  • Advice with respect to group-internal supply and service transactions
  • Advice with respect to the establishment of a transfer pricing documentation
  • Support with respect to the obtaining of "Advance Tax Ruling"

For individuals

Scope of services as described above under "focus of individual support" plus:

  • Advice and support with respect to rental activities 
  • Tax advice with respect to real estate transactions
  • Analysis of contracts for tax relevance
  • Tax support with respect to family transactions
  • Tax support and advice to  expatriates
  • Cross-border support of selected transactions
  • Preparation of tax relevant data for US citizens required to file US income tax returns 

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